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Professional Managed Services Philadelphia
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The companies success is based on the philosophy of providing excellent customer service, professional account management, leading-edge technology and the strength of partnerships with key vendors and clients.

Tech Timeline is a leading provider of IT solutions and services to small and mid-size companies in Philadelphia PA.   It is one of Delaware Valley’s best integrations and full-service providers of IT infrastructure and solutions. Tech Timeline specializes in managing the IT infrastructure life cycle by reducing the total cost of ownership.  

Tech Timeline specializes sourcing, advising, supplying, and supporting leading brand products from IBM, HP, Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, and many others. We will continue providing strategically-based winning solutions for greater IT efficiency and business profitability.    

Service Excellence:

We are customer focused and deliver positive experiences. Our employees are knowledgeable and seek to understand our clients’ needs and points of view. We demonstrate friendliness, reliability, provide convenient and timely service, and are proactive in offering options and solutions to the public, our clients, partners and each other.


We pursue innovation as a means to keep our services and technology contemporary and vibrant.

Lifelong Learning:

We play a unique role in our community so that learning can thrive. We offer comprehensive services and programs that encourage intellectual and professional development of individuals throughout their lives.

In Aspiring to be Delaware Valley’s Best IT Services Firm

We Create:

· Opportunities for personal success in for everyone we help

· Relevant, vibrant, and customer focused services

· Facilities and web sites that are preferred destinations

· Opportunities for staff to find value in their contributions to our mission


Tech Timeline is:

· Expanding our help

· Empowering organizations

· Enriching our community

Freedom to Know:

We support the open exchange of information and of ideas that represent multiple points of view. We value the benefits of diversity.

Integrity & Trust:
We serve our clients with financial integrity and operate both efficiently and effectively.

Staff Appreciation:

We recognize that the employees are our most valuable resource. Therefore, we treat each other with respect. We value team work. We encourage staff to pursue their personal and professional goals. We maintain open and honest communication. We attract, celebrate, and retain outstanding staff members.

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