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Professional Managed Services Philadelphia
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Large enterprise organization with technology professionals believe backup and recovery categorically essential to their business. Various small businesses have shown to do very little to protect their data even when the data suggest it could be costly or the outcome could be worse. Statistics show that a large percent of these businesses file for bankruptcy.  Data loss could occur at any time by employee mistakes, hardware failure, software corruption, various disasters, or malicious acts from outsider or even disgruntled employees.

There are various types of backups and various technologies to help your company protect their data with the specific needs of your organization. We will help you give you peace of mind with our industry proven solutions.

  1. Top Tier

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  1. Failure to adequate test backups
  2. Not backing up system state enough
  3. Not using application-aware backups
  4. Having single point of failure
  5. Shipping backup tapes offsite too quickly
  6. Updating backup procedures
  7. Backing up only data
  8. Not considering security
  9. Not having data offsite
  10. Using tape rotation that’s too short
  11. Not having a DR plan
  12. Not having someone accountable for backups
  13. Not having tape rotation / retirement
  14. Not checking tape logs
  15. Not checking for open files
  16. Not having a data retention policy
  17. Backing up the wrong data


Backup Benefits / Features

Backup Common Pitfalls


  1. Virtual and physical backups
  2. Heterogeneous backup
  3. Fixed and rotational archiving
  4. Application-level backups
  5. Direct to tape backup
  6. Reliability
  7. Agentless backup
  8. Various replication strategies
  9. Grid based scalability
  10. Deduplication
  11. Change block tracking
  12. Latest OS support
  13. Heterogeneous storage protection
  14. Hub-spoke replication
  15. Failover virtualization
  16. Supports agents
  17. Continuous data protection
  18. Data protection management
  19. Synthetic backups

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