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Professional Managed Services Philadelphia
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Cloud Computing “Cloud” is service over a network usually the internet to computing both hardware and software resources.  In the cloud computing changed the way companies use IT to serve its customers, partners and suppliers.  These technologies can help to minimize typical issues in traditional environments that deal with cost, power, time, and space.  

Cloud computing is being deployed in different ways: private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud.  These models are using a billing and metering model. You pay on what you use and this flexibility an attractive proposition.

  1. Top Tier

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  1. Underestimate cloud sprawl
  2. Not monitoring performance
  3. Lack of application support
  4. Platform lock-in
  5. Mismanaged performance guarantees
  6. Compromised privacy and security
  7. Believing “all” the hype
  8. Feature creep
  9. Uncontrolled ad hoc procurement
  10. Cloud legacy integration issues

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Benefits

Cloud Computing Pitfalls

Cloud Computing

  1. Economies of scale
  2. Pay as you go
  3. Streamline processes
  4. Reduce capital costs
  5. Improve accessibility
  6. Easier monitoring projects
  7. Less personnel needed
  8. Simplified license management
  9. Improved flexibility
  10. Application-level backups
  11. Direct to tape backup
  12. Automatic updates
  13. Ease of implementation

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