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Professional Managed Services Philadelphia
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Desktop Virtualization with Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft VDI and VMware View are powerful business class desktop virtualization solutions.

Its important from the selection of the solution to its final stages of putting the desktop virtualization solution in place. To select the appropriate product that could provide a cost effective, scalable, secure desktop virtualization platform that will satisfy your new and existing business needs.  

Tech timeline  will help you architect, design, build, test, integrate, deliver, document, modify and maintain  your  custom tailored desktop virtualization VDI environment for you.  Our IT consulting team is a rock solid VDI provider of IT Solutions and Services.  Tech Timeline and our partners will work every way possible exceed virtually all expectations.

  1. VMware vSphere Desktop
  2. VMware Horizon View Manager
  3. VMware Horizon View Composer
  4. View Horizon Persona Managment
  5. Horizon View Horizon Client
  6. VMware vSphere solution & support
  7. VMware View VDI service providers
  8. Cloud computing
  9. Virtual desktop infrastructure services
  10. VMware view free evaluation
  11. Featured partners

  1. High definition HDX  virtualization
  2. Flexcast Citrix XenDesktop
  3. Simplifies desktop management
  4. Data security and access control
  5. Seamless integrates solutions
  6. Delivery of desktop mobility
  7. High performance multimedia
  8. Assess with Citrix receiver
  9. Design virtual desktop solution
  10. Deploy with Netscaler
  11. Featured partners

  1. RemoteFX  rich user VDI experience
  2. Best Value small medium business
  3. Efficient VDI management
  4. Windows 2012 VDI
  5. Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack
  6. User Experience Virtualization UE-V
  7. User State Virtualization USV
  8. Remote desktop Service RDS
  9. Easy VDI licensing
  10. Windows 8 virtual desktop
  11. Featured partners

Desktop Virtualization: Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft VDI and VMware View

Citrix Virtualization XenDesktop

Microsoft Virtualization  VDI

VMware Virtualization View

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Tech Timeline is an IT consulting services, solutions and IT support provider in  the Mid-Atlantic.  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Wilmington, Delaware | New Jersey, Maryland