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Professional Managed Services Philadelphia
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Why vCIO?

This Technology professional will create and implement a technology strategy that will help your business running efficiently, keep your business secure, and assist your business in meeting its goals.  A vCIO is more than a person who implements technologies. They are a person who understands your business, its opportunities along with its vulnerabilities, and understands its IT resources.  

A vCIO could customize a IT strategy for your company.  A vCIO understands increased regulatory obligations and ensures compliance.  A vCIO could provide management and direction for your IT team.  A vCIO could ensure timelines are met aligned appropriately with your business goals.  A vCIO will tailor business specific IT solutions that can help you valid business goals and objectives.

vCIO  Services

Quarterly meetings

The meetings will be held on a quarterly basis.  The vCIO discusses your company’s vision and in the coming months and years will determine which technologies are best to reach your goals.  vCIO will give you a current list of technologies and recommendations in order to help you with your budget.

Technology summary

vCIO will supply reports of your current health of your network.  They will also have metrics from the past to show how parts of the infrastructure is working  and which parts need updating or replacing.  Your vCIO will discuss what issues where proactive avoided, resolved and if which issue are still outstanding.

Technology drives Businesses today. In order to go in the right direction a business needs a IT leader with a vision and a plan. This is why many large organizations hire a CIO to develop an overall technology strategy and insure the IT infrastructure is meeting the needs of the business. Small or medium business have roadblocks to hiring a full-time CIO and and overhead associated with this. However they still have the need for a person to provide a resounding technology strategy. A vCIO is the solution.

IT Strategy - vCIO

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