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Professional Managed Services Philadelphia
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A New generation of datacenters has been created through virtualization.  The new trend is to get larger more powerful servers and run multiple workloads.  This creates operational efficiencies and large cost savings through server virtualization. Utilizing Microsoft vitualization you get there features and benefits, consolidate server hardware and get a platform for your private cloud.

Microsoft virtualizaton is developed with integration in mind with industry standards. By connecting other Microsoft technologies together you get a synergistic effect getting your best return on investment.  Examples could be seen with Hyper-V and System Center.    

  1. Microsoft Virtualization Product
  1. Microsoft Monitoring and Management

  1. Server consolidation
  2. Simplified disaster recovery
  3. Allow  us to move to cloud
  4. Less hardware warranty cost
  5. Moving running virtual machines
  6. Increased uptime
  7. Less rack space
  8. Increased Fault Tolerance
  9. Stop server sprawl
  10. Do more with less
  11. Cost savings
  12. Server efficiency
  13. Ease of Administration
  14. Increased Security
  15. Cost Containment
  16. Image-based backup and restore
  17. Virtual labs
  18. Optimized Power and Cooling

  1. Thinking job is done after servers are virtualized
  2. Automatically counting on cost savings
  3. Poor load planning
  4. Not getting proper training
  5. Lack of plan for managing virtual environment

Microsoft Virtualization

Microsoft Benefits

Microsoft Common Pitfalls

Microsoft Products

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