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Professional Managed Services Philadelphia
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Security is an area we take  seriously and is used to protect your business from harm.  Its a continual process to maintain a competent level of security. We specialize in application security, computing security, data security, information security, network security, fiscal security, political security and physical security.   We offer a wide range of security products and solutions.  We offer custom solutions.  We are here to secure your business.

Let us be your trusted security advisor.  We are a company that you can rely on that has character, ability, strength and ultimately someone you could count on.  It is our duty to assist to give the best security solutions possible for your business that make sense.  

  1. Top Tier

For a complete list of security partners or questions please email us:

  1. Forget about cloud security
  2. Securing mobile devices
  3. Securing Backups
  4. Outsourcing responsibly
  5. Sending sensitive data unencrypted
  6. Imposing too easy or strict passwords
  7. Requiring easily forged identification
  8. Underestimation importance of review
  9. Restrictions that don’t restrict hackers
  10. Having a security backup plan
  11. Knowing who uses data and where it is
  12. Treating all data equally
  13. Focusing only on regulatory security
  14. Keeping what you don’t need
  15. Security triage
  16. Fragmented process and policy
  17. Backing up the wrong data


Security Expertise Top Ten

Security Common Pitfalls


  1. Access Control Systems and Methodology
  2. Application and System Development Security
  3. Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning
  4. Cryptography
  5. Computer Operations Security
  6. Law, Investigation, and Ethics
  7. Physical Security
  8. Security Management Practices
  9. Security Architecture and Models
  10. Telecommunication and Network Security

Schedule CISSP

We could help in various areas of  security. Schedule a request from  a CISSP.

Schedule a Veteran, Experienced, and Certified CISSP with your IT Security Needs Today.  

Tech Timeline is an IT consulting services, solutions and IT support provider in  the Mid-Atlantic.  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Wilmington, Delaware | New Jersey, Maryland