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Professional Managed Services Philadelphia
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With so many storage technologies  and so many vendors out there it is getting more and more difficult getting the right one for your your organization.   Each technology DAS, NAS, and SAN offer exceptional value that is best suited for a particular environment.  Each Product offers its particular competitive advantage. A Technology Professional must create a comprehensive assessment of the current technology requirements while  staying focused on long-term business goals.

We will help with the successful deployment of you Storage Solution.  A Storage Solution that is cost effective and provides the best return on investment for your business.  We will make sure its scalable and secure utilizing industry best practices.

  1. Top Tier

For a complete list of storage partners please email us:

  1. Direct-attached storage
  1. Network-attached storage
  1. Storage Area Network

  1. Choosing the Right Storage
  2. Blaming the storage syndrome
  1. key performance metrics
  1. HBA issues with Failover
  2. Disk Zoning / Lun masking
  3. Missing Security and Access Control
  4. Software Configurations


Storage Benefits / Criteria

Storage Common Pitfalls


  1. Capacity
  2. Performance
  3. Scalability
  4. Availability
  5. Data Protection
  6. Reliability
  7. Budget
  8. IT staff
  9. Ease of Administering

Types of Storage

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