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Virtualization of you IT infrastructure makes your technology environment more efficient and simpler to manage.  VMware will help with your availability, applications deployed faster, and will ultimately help with information technology costs.  VMware virtualization offers you various advantages. VMware virtualization is a robust, reliable, and proven virtualization platform. VMware virtualization solution has over 400,000 customers and 100% of Fortune 100 companies.


VMware virtualization can help virtualize part or your entire infrastructure .  VMware may virtualize servers, networking, servers, and security.  VMware virtualization is a critical to any information technology strategy and its important to choose the right vendor.  

  1. Featured VMware Products

ESX, vMotion, DRS, HA, Storage

  1. VMware Products
  1. Other VMware Products

  1. Server consolidation
  2. Simplified disaster recovery
  3. Allow  us to move to cloud
  4. Less hardware warranty cost
  5. Moving running virtual machines
  6. Increased uptime
  7. Less rack space
  8. Increased Fault Tolerance
  9. Stop server sprawl
  10. Do more with less
  11. Cost savings
  12. Server efficiency
  13. Ease of Administration
  14. Increased Security
  15. Cost Containment
  16. Image-based backup and restore
  17. Virtual labs
  18. Optimized Power and Cooling

  1. Having a Backup Plan
  1. Improper Storage Allocation
  2. Falling for all the bells and whistles
  3. Poor planning host management

VMware Virtualization

VMware Virtualization Benefits

VMware Common Pitfalls

VMware Virtualization Products

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